How To Prep For Your Spray Tan

Shower, Shave, Wax, and Exfoliate Prior to Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Prior to spray tanning, your skin should be clean, dry, and free of soap residue, deodorant/antiperspirant, makeup, moisturizer, and perfume.  To achieve a clean dry canvas: shower, shave, wax, and exfoliate prior to your spray tan session.  (Waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to your spray tan).
  • On the day of your spray tan, when showering, avoid exfoliating with sugar and salt scrubs because the oil in those scrubs can interfere with the proper development of your tan.
  • In addition, avoid the use of bar soaps (soap residue) as well as high pH shower products and in-shower moisturizers, (i.e. Dove & Dial products).  These products can also inhibit the development of your tan lead to the dreaded orange-effect.


How to Dress, What to Bring…

  • Bring dark, loose-fitting, cotton clothing to leave from your appointment in.  Tight clothing has the ability to rub off the bronzer and affect the appearance of your tan’s evenness.
  • Dress down to your comfort level.  If you aren’t tanning nude or topless, suggested items to bring include: an old bra, bikini, swimsuit, thong/underwear, tube-top and shorts, whatever you feel most comfortable in to wear during your spray tan session.  Disposable bras (in various sizes) and disposable thong underwear will be provided to you by your spa professional. Nursing mothers are encouraged to wear a strapless bra or bandeau top, and discouraged from spray tanning topless.
  • Plan for the weather, especially rainy days.  Be sure to bring proper accessories, such as an umbrella as well as long sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt to protect your tan from becoming blotchy from rain droplets.
  • During hot summer months, if you have leather car seats, bring a towel to put between the leather and your skin.



Not all exfoliants are designed for sunless tanning. To ensure optimal spray tanning results, we recommend exfoliating with our Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant. Infused with Vitamins A & E, Deep Clean is pH-balanced for all skin types, and is specifically designed for use with sunless tanning. This pre-tan preparation exfoliant allows you to extend the life of your sunless spray tan by up to 3 days! Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant performs the jobs of scrubbing off the dead skin cells and cleaning any oils or impurities to leave the skin completely bare and naked. For both body and facial application. It is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin unlike abrasive salt or sugar-based exfoliants. Apply Deep Clean before a spray tanning session, or simply for a deep-down clean on the day of your appointment. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free.


How to Use:

On the day of your spray tan or at any time prior to their appointment, use Deep Clean to prep your skin. Moisten skin with water or apply in shower. Massage gently in circular motions over face and body to remove excess oils and impurities and reveal fresh new skin cells for the best-looking sunless tan. Rinse thoroughly.