Rapid Express Tan

No more waiting 8-12 hrs. to shower!

Who doesn’t love achieving stellar results in only a fraction of the time?!! If you have a busy schedule or do not wish to wait 8-12 hours for your tan to develop, this doctor-formulated premium express tan is for you!

No more waiting, with the freedom to rinse off the tan (with water only) in as little as 30 mins., our rapid express tan a client favorite!



Shower by rinsing off with WATER ONLY. Soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers can compromise a fast-setting tan.


Shower-to-Tan Guide:

30 mins. to achieve a light subtle tan

60 mins. for a medium- light tan

90 mins. for a medium tan

2 hrs. for medium-dark tan

3 hrs. for deep dark tan

Note: Once you’ve showered it may appear as though you’ve washed your entire tan away including tan lines, rest assured, your tan is still developing and will continue to transform into a dark beautiful bronzed glow. (DHA needs 5-8 hours to fully develop).

Available in a variety of gorgeous customizable formulas to match any skin tone/undertone. Your spray tan professional will help decide what rapid tan formula will best suit your skin tone.


Rapid Tans Are:

Doctor formulated

Natural-looking and long lasting

Even fading





Only made with FDA approved Ingredients

All natural

Composed of Eco Certified DHA (the European equivalent of U.S. organic standards)




Not tested on Animals

Free of harsh dyes and chemicals

Nut-free and allergen-free

Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Always fresh and come with a 6 month shelf-life guarantee


Formulated with long term health in mind